A Fresh lunch with Donal Skehan

So there I was, like a fan girl on a Sunday. Waiting for my Idol, hahaha.
But this time, waiting for my chef Idol. Cause I was invited for a lunch with
Donal Shekan…..wait..who? Yes, Donal Shekan! He is a young talented and motivated chef.
I know him from various TV shows. Like the Italian Nonna’s on 24Kitchen or his Youtube Channel, where I sometimes lurk on to get inspiration.

But why am I having lunch with Donal Skehan. Well, he got a new book, it is called ‘Vers’. (Fresh).
There are tons of delicious and easy recipes in the book. And of course, I already tried some of his dishes with some other bloggers. It was a good Sunday!

With a small group of lovely bloggers, we enjoyed our lunch at the boekhandel ‘De Vries’ in Haarlem.
It was a lovely setting and a lot of laughters. We also had a opportunity to ask some question to Donal one-on-one. It was worth every moment. To ask questions like how he started, what motivates him etc.
Such an inspiration for me!


But every good Sunday comes to an end. It was time for him to leave Haarlem and go to Amsterdam for dinner. You should definitely get this book ‘Vers‘. It will turn you into a kitchen prince or princess and cook healthy but also very delicious dishes.


So before he left us. We went for a nice cup of coffee at ‘Staal‘. Some small chat and then off he goes.
Like I said, it was gooooood Sunday!
I will definitely cook something out of this book soon. So stay tuned!


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