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I am a bit late with my post, cause I had to rest yesterday. Cause the day before yesterday, I had too much food. The food coma hit me hard. Really hard! This all thanks to the Roger & JP!

At Friday the 4th, a couple of lovely food bloggers and I were invited to a running dinner at the Rokin in Amsterdam. That means we begin at one restaurant and hop to another restaurant the entire day. And let me tell you, it was a foodfest!

I already prepared myself and didn’t eat that much in the morning(actually nothing).  We started at Hotel de l’Europe in the Hoofdstad Brasserie. The table was beautifully set up and the only thing we need at that moment is food! We were actually going to begin with coffee, but we were in Hotel de l’Europe. So we got Champaigne instead of coffee as drinks. I call that a nice begin of the foodtour. Oooh yeah!

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‘But first, lets have a glass of Champagne’

After some drinks the food was being served. Ooooh boy! The oyster, the steak tartare  and the chicken were on point. Everything was so delicious and prepared with care. It was fresh and the flavors are really well matched.



After a nice lunch, we stayed at the hotel for a Bloody Mary workshop, that was held by Ketel One. They explained the origin of Ketel One and why their vodka is so popular. We got the chance to make our own Bloody Mary. A little contest was being held and the best one with the best Bloody Mary, could win a ticket to the MTV award. How awesome is that! But…….I didn’t win, hahaha. Mine was a bit too salty…….hahaha.


After our Bloody Mary workshop we went to another restaurant. But this one is a bit hidden in Amsterdam. But when you know where it is, it will make your tummy happy! The restaurant is called Adam & Siam: Asian bistro culture. The restaurant is located at the center of Amsterdam. The look on the outside is a historical old building of Amsterdam, once inside it’s beautiful and you will feel right at home.
The bites we tried are delicious. I can’t stop eating it!




Our next stop was the Bierfabriek . This is a restaurant and beer brewery in one! They make their own beer and served chicken that is grilled on charcoal. Oooh this combo is just finger licking. At some of the tables you can have your own beer tap. It’s an awesome restaurant with good beer and very good chicken.

I am already 80% stuffed, so much food. But we still got 2 restaurant to go. After the Bierfabriek, we went to Terpetijn. Terpetijn is split into two sections. Above is the normal restaurant and downstairs is the streetfood restaurant. We went to the street food restaurants for a small bite and drinks. The ambiance there is very cozy and pleasant.


As last but not least, we went to restaurant Baut & Dreesman. This restaurant is located at the old building of V&D in Amsterdam. The restaurant is pushing its limit for innovation and new ways to please the customers. And they did. They made a dessert for us, but this dessert is presented to us in an very awesome way! The dessert was made on a clean table. The whole dessert was made and spread on a huuuuuuuge table. That is something we don’t see everyday. What an experience was that!

For every food day there is an end. I was stuffed and this was all thanks to Roger & JP. I had a really good time knowing the other foodbloggers and seeing the restaurants. It was good day to kick off the weekend!


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