Opening of the Indonesia week! There will be food!

What a lovely day on Monday, I went to the Markthal in Rotterdam. I was invited to attend the opening of the Indonesia week. With a couple of other food lovers and PR, we could experience the taste of Indonesia. This all together was held at Wah Nam Hong in the Markthal. They also serve Indonesian just for this week. Hurry up and check it out!

The day itself was split into parts. First we began with tasting food. My favorite part, hahaha
I can’t say no to that! The dishes were prepared by great chefs that are experienced with the Indonesian cuisine.

At first we got a soup braised with beef. The soup had some good flavors and you can really taste the beef. The soup is made by Rawon Surabaya by Yudi Yahva from Restaurant Rock Salt Chilli Pepper.


Soup  braised with beef

The next item we got was a Soto soup by chef Hendra Subandrio from Restaurant Blauw. It was very tasty soup with a very strong flavor, for me I think it had too much lemongrass in it.


Soto soup with lemongrass

After the soups we got something else. We got the Mie Goreng Aceh by Fitri Chandra from Sheraton (Amsterdam). The dish was well balanced, especially after two soups that has strong flavors. The Mie Goreng had pickeld vegetables and shrimp in it. Yummy!


I am ready!!!!

Then we got the Nasi Goreng Ayam Pete by Jimmy Lo Hamzah from Restaurant Bali James. The dish had a lot of flavors. Really well made and very nice. I think it is my most favorite dish of that day!


I am not the only one taking photos

Our tummies were filled and we went to do something else. We got something very interesting in front of us. We learned how to make tempeh. Actually never knew how it was made, it is nice to know now how it is made and it is very delicate procedure too. I think I will try it at home too.

dsc03669 dsc03679 dsc03683

Tempeh workshop, everyone is so focussed!

When we were done with the workshop, we were guided to a VIP room. There we had our time to enjoy various of Indonesian snacks and also traditional dances. It is nice to see everyone so relaxed and enjoying food. I had a few snacks, like the Pandan cupcakes and spring rolls.

dsc03700 dsc03703 dsc03720

Enjoyed our time at the VIP room with snacks and entertainments

As always, good times comes with an end. For me this is a short introduction to Indonesia. I would love to do more research about the Indonesian cuisine. Are you also Interested? Then go visit Wah Nam Hong in the Markthal, in Rotterdam! Enjoy yourself with some delicious food!

Als here are the chefs and heroes for the Indonesian week.
dsc03596 dsc03620 dsc03614 dsc03632

Below you can find more photos of that day, Enjoy!

dsc03721 dsc03733 dsc03739 dsc03740dsc03652dsc03702dsc03590dsc03583dsc03729

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  • Noni wardani November 8, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    Hi Sam,
    Nice blog.
    Just a little correction, it’s actually pandan and not pandang ;-). And it took me quite a while to realized what it’s supposed to be.
    Pandan is a typical Indonesian flavour/scent from the pandan leaf.
    Pandang is an Indonesian word which means “to view/see”.
    So, definitely two different thing.

    • Mrhungry_sam November 11, 2016 at 11:36 am

      Hi Noni,

      Oeps, My bad hahaha. I will correct that one.

      Thank you 😉



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