A weekend of food in the ‘Gelderse Streken’ Part 2

Part 2 of the food tour in ‘The Gelderse Streken’, but this day is a bit shorter than the day before.
After a full on food day, we’re about to have another food day. We woke up in the Hotel and had our breakfast with our fellow bloggers. After the breakfast we checked-out of the hotel and began our tour.

Our first destination is a visit to the ‘Buffelboederij Zevenaar‘, translated for buffalo farm. It was cold and early. We got a chance to see what the farmers do. The way the breed and feed the buffalo is so pure. You can see the buffalos sleeping and eating natural products without artificial addings. The buffalos on the farm are mainly water buffalos, cause of their milk. They use this milk to make their own Mozzarella, yoghurts and bufalettas. Also Buffalo meat is actually very tasty, so they sell this too in their own shop. As when the owner was telling her story, we walked around and saw all the buffalos of differents ages. They  separated them cause of the food and the well being for them. In total they have 260 water buffalos. It’s really nice to see how they really take care of the buffalos and that is something I love to see. Giving love and respect for their future products.




After a cold morning, we were being expected at the ‘Restaurant Koetshuis‘. I got to say, I’m impressed by the look of this restaurant. It looks cosy and neat. We sat down and began with a glass of prosecco, after that we had a very strong broth braised with game meat and dried ice, that’s why the smokey effect. Then after that we got a preparation on table. The maître flambe the meat on table and served it out. The meat was very tender and the taste was on point. But now is the part I that I didn’t get and still till the day of today I’m actually stunned. As we walked in, we were spoiled with a good drink and some delicious small dishes. But after the Amuse, soup and meat, they served us normal sandwiches….What I didn’t understand actually. I mean, I don’t mind eating sandwiches, don’t get me wrong, I do love them a lot actually. But it just didn’t add up to have it after the dishes what took more time and effort. Also, it is actually  a pretty high-end restaurant. So suddenly to get sandwiches at the end is not what I’ve expected. Nevertheless, I enjoyed all other dishes and their hospitality!




Then we had to took a long long ride, but it’s something I am exited to see. We went to the wine village in Groesbeek and took a quick look at ‘Wijngaard de Plack‘. We were greeted by these 2 lovely people. Oooh, they we so nice! The owners John and Virginie Grutters, who had  beed waiting for us to arrive. Cause we were stuck in a traffic jam, so….we were a bit late…Sorry for that! And too bad we had so little time and the weather was a no no, it was raining cats and dogs! Otherwise I would have loved to take a walk in to the vineyards. Instead of the short tour, we sat inside next to the fireplace, with some wine tasting. So cosy!
And we listened to their stories. How the company started up in 2001 and it actually began with farming chickens. Just till 2005, after their wine trip, they got that soft spot for wine and decided to start their wine project. ‘Wijngaard de Plack’ is now one of the six vineyards in this area. So in the summer. Take up your bike or get your best shoes on and go through this route and taste some delicious and lovely wines.




Then, it is time to head to our last destination. After all the food and traveling, I’m beat, need to recharge myself. Our last place to visit is Sanadome, it’s a welnes and spa centre. It is a good finish for this awesome and educational tour. Now I know much more about the Gelderse Streken and how they really respect their ingredients. But, it was just two days. I will definitely head back one more time to experience more of their food and hear more of their stories. I want to thank every company and all the owners who received us with such hospitality and the patience they had to tell their stories!

But I also want to thank Sanne for arranging this awesome trip! Also want to thank the Gelderse Tourism to make this happen. Thank you all for your time and efforts!






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