A little food tour in Rotterdam city

A mini food tour in Rotterdam city. It was a blast and very nice to meet other food bloggers! The day started at Flat White Coffee . We all know the normal coffees, cappuccinos and lattes. Recently we also have Flat whites in the Netherlands. Flat White is an espresso based coffee beverage. It all started in Australia and New Zealand. Then made its way to the US. Flat white has now become the emblem of the Millennial generation. This particular coffee is made of espresso and milk between 65 and 71 degrees Celcius. But what is the difference between a Flat white and other coffees:

  • Flat White has an even mix of liquid milk and smooth velvet foam so it feels like drinking an espresso, only yummier.
  • Cappuccino has stiff foam and feels like drinking bubbles with a bed of coffee hidden at the bottom.
  • Latte is milky, has a little foam on the top and feels like drinking a milky coffee.

Want to know more? Try it out at Flat White in Rotterdam!



Then we set out to Wah Nam Hong Restaurant in the Markthal. We did some tasting with steamed buns with grilled pork inside. It was delicious and very tasty. I particular am not really a fan of the bun, cause it is in my opinion sometimes a bit thick. And that can take a way the taste of the meat. We also got a bit of inside information about Korean cooking. After Wah Nam Hong, we went downstairs to Super Sauer Korean Streetfood. There we had some sushi burritos and bibimbap. Oooooooh I loved it! really love the Sushi burritos with bulgogi. It was goood!





Then, what is first? The chicken or the egg? We went to Alan & Pim’s, Chicken on skewer. The concept is very simple. It’s all about the chicken! They only serve chicken. The chicken they use is from a organic farm. The restaurant is using pure ingredients to deliver the best taste to the guests. There are all sort of dishes with chicken and different tastes. Like us, we had our soup. It is Thai soup with chicken broth, then finger food of fried chicken, pulled chicken sandwich and a dessert. It was yummy in my tummy!





It was really raining cats and dogs that day, but we were still confident of taking the water taxi to Hotel New York. Call us crazy right. We were being expected at the Basement. Sounds shady? But nothing is true, cause the Basement of Hotel New York is a nice restaurant area plus a place where you can enjoy a glass of craftsmanship cocktails. And that is what we did. We were being spoiled with a little cocktail workshop, a cocktail tasting and some lovely dishes. Even I made a cocktail, hahaha! The dishes were well prepared. The tastes are well balanced and in combination with the cocktails we had, it was like being in the clouds. Overall opinion, loved it!




dsc00575 dsc00584 dsc00580

After all the delicious food and drinks, this have come to an end. We all really enjoyed this day. We had a lovely time with some nice chatting and laughters! It was a really great day! But, this day is all thanks to Guido, He wrote, designed and illustrated ‘Discover my City, Rotterdam’ so that everyone can enjoy the city as he does! See you soon Guido! Keep up the good work!

dsc00515 Guido, founder of Discover my City, Rotterdam

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