Winter comfortfood! So gooood!

It’s winter time and that means winter food! I got a chance to try out the HelloFresh box with in the spotlight, kale. We all know the mashed potato and other comfort foods in the winter.

This time HelloFresh send me a box to try out with kale in the spotlight. Looking at the recipe I thought: ‘this is going to take a while to make it’. But It actually just took me 28-30 minutes. That is what I like about great recipes. Less time but still delicious and made with care! The dish I had to prepare was a traditional Dutch dish. It’s called ‘Hollandse Boerenkoolstampot’, translates to Dutch Kale mashed potato. Plus in the recipe they added turnip-rooted parsley. When reading the recipe, I thought ‘the taste will be too much’. But, let’s cook first, then judge.

I cut the potatoes and turnip-rooted parsley. Cooked it for 12-15 minutes with kale. After that I mashed it. Added a bit of butter, salt and pepper. Then mixed it all together.

Tasting time. To be honest, I actually really like it. The turnip-rooted parsley gave a bit of an extra taste to the mashed potato and kale. Then I made up the plate. Mashed potato with kale, sausage on top, some baked onions and piccalilli. Again, tasting time!

As I cut through the sausage, put a bit of the mashed potato with kale on top of my fork and some onions. Then took a bite from it. Ooooh gooodie, it’s really good! I’m actually surprised how good the taste is when all ingredients are combined. You need to try this dish out!





I also had the chance to review two other dishes. One dish is with whiting and the other dish is with pasta.

The dish with whiting is really easy to make. I think I made the dish in 20 minutes. But it’s all about the taste. I really do love the whiting with the tomato tapenade on top. But I’m not really fond of the ratatouille. It is too bland or simplified for me. I would have added some more garlic and seasoned it with rosemary and thyme. That would have given an extra kick to the ratatouille. But it is not a bad dish.


The last dish I had was a pasta dish with broccoli. My first thought was, this dish is pretty good for the ingredients it contains. Simple, but good! The ingredients that provide that extra taste are the cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes. Put it all in the in the pan with the pasta and heat it up. Also, I like this pasta dish because it is not that heavy on my stomach, but rather light and good. Just the way I like it.



The HelloFresh boxes are always a surprise. It is easy and really good. Thumbs up guys, keep up the good work!

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