Tasting at Alan & Pim’s, the noms!

My belly was full, my mood was good and I am smiling from ear to ear. Why? Cause I had some amazing chickens at Alan & Pim’s.

Tasting day at Alan & Pim’s, it can never go wrong with that! I was invited with other food bloggers for a tasting day at Sunday. It was a small group, but cosy. The new restaurant of Alan & Pim’s is situated in Scheveningen near the beach. After a good day swimming in the summer, this will be a real treat.

We had the chance to try out some dishes. First we got a platter with all kinds of finger food. On the plates are chicken skewers with chili sauce, chicken nuggets with home made BBQ sauce and chicken croquettes.
My personal favorite are the chicken nuggets with a bit of lemon zest. The combination is really good. Salty and fresh.

But now comes the real deal. The main courses. Believe me, it was a feast! When they brought out the chicken, my mind was like: ‘oooh yeaaaaaaah!’. We got 3 kinds of chickens to taste. First one is the Whole Chicken Bitter Sweet BBQ it is  lacquered with rough mustard, honey and BBQ sauce. The 2nd is the Whole Chicken Provence sea salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary and thyme. The last one is the Whole Thai Chicken
with curry, lemongrass, pepper and coriander. I love the first one. The popcorn makes it look so awesome! But not only the looks, but also the taste is very unique. Just love it. I did like the second one, but not too fond of. The thai chicken was also very nice, a bit spicy but so good!


And then we were at the dessert. Something we all were looking forward to beside the chicken. Cause the desserts at Alan & Pim’s are that good! We got an Oreo Cheesecake and Brownie with caramel sauce.
The Brownie with caramel sauce was just perfect! Not too heavy and sweet, but just right. I can eat a whole tray of that.

Awesome day with awesome chickens. Really love the food and would most definitely  go back for more! YUMS!

Posthoornstraat 524, 3011 WD Rotterdam
Keizerstraat 51-55, 2584 BB Scheveningen

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