Sushi ‘n Sake, unexpected good!

We all know sushi, but I think for the real sushi lovers. It’s kind of a challenge to find a good sushi restaurant. I mean, there are so many All You Can Eat Sushi restaurants, what brings down the quality of sushi in my opinion. I tried a lot of Sushi restaurants, but this time I had the chance to go to a tasting event for Sushi ‘n Sake.

Sushi ‘n Sake is established with a young and passionate team. The mission is to provide you with delicious and healthy sushi with matching sake. WINNING!

The moment I walked in, I was greeted by some friendly smiles and by the chef. It was a coincidence, cause I knew the chef from another sushi restaurant. So when I saw him, I knew this evening would be full of delicious sushi! I mean, look at his charming smile!

Sushi ‘n Sake organized a special tasting event called the Spring Refreshment. By this, they have relaunched the website and introduced us the new menu. The Menu of tonight consist of a few courses.

(photo by Pawel)

Each course was a treat for us. The way the sushi is made plus the fresh ingrediënts were so good! Take in mind, this is a small sushi restaurant hidden in Amsterdam, but unexpected good. Actually I can say, the dishes were very well made!

With each course I was surprised about the craftsmanship and the effort put in. With all these courses, there is also my favorite. Actually there were two favorite dishes this evening. The first one that I like very much is the Triple Taco Attack. These are 3 small tacos with Octopus, fresh salmon and fresh tuna in it. Love it!
The second one I really fancy were the handrolls. One of the handroll had soft shell crab with truffle mayo…..Take a moment for yourself and imagine the taste! I can tell you. It was the amazing! The evening came to an end and it was filled with good food and laughters by other fellow bloggers. And I will be going back to Sushi ‘n Sake. They really left a good impression on me behind! So check it out people.

Sushi ‘n Sake
Dapperstraat 34-a
1093BW, Amsterdam

Photo by Pawel
Photo by PawelPhoto by Pawel

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