Time to Grill!

Hello All!

Yes its been a while!!! I know, I know…The reason is that I’ve been focusing more on photography than my writing. But never the less, I am going to try and update my website frequently from now. on And I am also going to make some delicous burgers again!

But first, I don’t know how the weather is at your place? But here in The Netherlands, I am melting. Like for real, this humidity if off the charts. With crazy hot weather means BBQ time!
Right? I got the chance to try out something funny and awesome. The Grillerette Barbeqool! You guys may think: ‘what is that?’. In short the Grillerette Barbeqool is a small table BBQ.
And it is said, that it won’t be smoking while using it and it is on in like 3 minutes. Sound all goodie right!? Here is my take on the Grillerette Barbeqool


I got the Grillerette Barbeqool home to try it out. And I got to say. The Grillerette Barbeqool works pretty good! I am not even joking.
It looks small, with batteries and a bit of charcoal, you will probably think just like me: ‘meh, is this going to work???’.

So let me explain how this works.
When setting up the Grillerette Barbeqool, there is a small basket for burning gel to ignite it. That is the starting point.
After that, You put the other little basket with charcoal on top of the burning gel.
Then put the fan on high, which blows enough air to the charcoal to ignite it.
Wait a bit for like 3 minutes. Time to start grilling!

But in mine experience, it took a bit longer than 3 minutes to ignite the charcoal and also a bit of time to let the plate of the grill to get hot enough.
I would say around 6-7 minutes. That is also pretty fast in my opinion.

So the Grillerette Barbeqool is finally hot enough to put the ingrediënts on top of it. Lets try it out.
It works fine to be honest. Almost pretty darn good! Didn’t expect this. The Grillerette Barbeqool stayed hot enough and the meat were done perfectly.

The Grillerette Barbeqool also gives you other advantages.

For example:
– You can take this small BBQ anywhere you want. To the park, boat, summerhouse and you name it. Cause it is small and very easy to use.
– It saves time. It is very easy to ignite and start the Grillerette Barbeqool.
– Fun for the kids. When you’re near a normal BBQ, it can be very hot. Like the desert. The Grillerette Barbeqool is only hot at the grilling plate. This can be fun for the kids. They can grill their own food and be the master griller for one time.

There was only one thing that didn’t followed my expectation. They said the Grillerette Barbeqool will be smoke free. From what I’ve seen, it was smokeeeeeey, hahaha.
But that is maybe cause of the marinate we use. But hey, you need to marinate you’re meat before you put it on the BBQ right?


My overall experience, the Grillerette Barbeqool is a pretty good BBQ on its own. But you need to like it in your own way. For instance. I like this because it is really easy to use and save time. But at the same time. I also like the bigger BBQ with huge grilling racks and etc. When you don’t have a lot of space in your garden or you want to BBQ on you’re balcony. This is perfect for you!

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