Eat Green People!

As we all know, eating green is important. I’m not saying that meat is nog important. The thing is, we need to keep in mind to keep a balancing diet. Recently I got to try out the Marley Spoon recipe and here is what I think of it.

Sustainable living is not only about separating waste. Sustainable living is also making conscious choices about your food. That being said. Sometimes it is important to keep a balanced diet for your body. Do not only eat vegetables or only meat. But make dishes with both of them.

I got the chance to try out these following recipes:
The first recipe is a dish I’m familiar with. The dish is almost like the Soy Chicken dish from my culture.
But the only different is, we boil the chicken in the soy sauce. As for this dish, the chicken goes into the oven. And I like it. It gives a more desirable flavor to the chicken. This dish comes with boiled broccoli and white rice. Simple, clean and very delicious!

The next dish the burger. And you all know how critical I am about burgers. I like the burger and I don’t like the burger at the same time. What I mean by that? I like burgers, a lot. Usually I use beef, cause you can grill it to medium, so the meat is still soft and juicy. As for a pork burger. You have to cook it thoroughly. I think it’s a bit dry. But I can understand people liking this. What I do like is are the other ingrediënt that goes into the burger. You have to mix the minced pork with paprika, spring onions and a bit of celery. And to add flavor, I used Cajun. The taste is really good, but just not fond of the pork.

For the last dish, I got try out their wrap. It looks stunning! I’m not even joking. I love the simple look and the color combination. Really well done. The chicken are really delicious. Like the way I had to pan sear it. The only feedback of this dish is. Too much sour. I am not a person that like that too much, hahaha. But some people do. I really like the pickled red onions. But I’m not really fond of it in combination with sour creme. Just sour on sour is a bit too much for me.

Overall experience, I like the balance between meat and vegetables. And I think if everybody can keep a balance like this. Our body would appreciate it more then we think. So, Eat Green People! 

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