The Golden Bull Wine, Meat & Whiskey! You are awesome!

It happens to everyone at least several times. Walking past a restaurant many times, but never set foot in it. I think this happens to everyone and this time, I’m looking at myself. Because there is this restaurant in Haarlem, which I have been walking passed for more than ten times. So I thought let’s give it a try with RestaurantKaart.

The Golden Bull in Haarlem is a small restaurant with as key speciality: steaks. They serve good steaks from different cuts of the cow but also steaks from different cows from different countries. Before I jump into that. Let me tell you more about this resaurant.

Like I said, it is a small and cosy restaurant that is situated in Haarlem. I have seen it for many times and also looked through some photo’s online. So my thoughts were like:’ let’s give it a try’.

When I walked into the restaurant I was greeted by the owner of the restaurant. A really humble sir who is very well informed about his products.

As they walked us to our table, he was telling me the origin of the products on his menu. It’s always nice to hear someone telling stories about their products and restaurant with such passion. I think this was one the keys to a great evening and fantastic experience.

As starter I ordered the delicious carpaccio as my friend went for the lobster soup. If you ask me; a great, light and tastefull bite to start the evening with. The Lobster soup was nice and creamy and my carpaccio just perfect.


As for the main course. The steaks were grilled really well! They were so juicy and tender. With each bite I took, the flavor just poured out. So believe me when I say you just cannot stop eating! The taste was perfect: sauce, pepper and salt were not neccessary, beacuse of the great flavors from the products.

I had a great night at restaurant The Golden Bull and I really enjoyed it. Part of this great evening was the use of RestaurantKaart. This special membership gives you access to more than 600 restaurants throughout the Netherlands and 30 restaurants in Haarlem. Thanks to RestaurantKaart you get a 50% discount on your food bill. Isn’t that great? You can get this fantastic card for only €6,99 per month, with a first month free trial.

So sign up and activate your membership via their special RestaurantKaart app. Via the app you can easily make a reservation and get your 50% discount on your lunch or dinner! Sounds great, isn’t it?!

It’s a shame I haven’t been tot his restaurant before, because I was really surprised. So for a great steak in Haarlem. You need to add restaurant The Golden Bull Wine, Meat & Whiskey on your list!

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