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The weekend burger!

It was a great day. The sun was shining, it was weekend and it is burger time! The best part is. Making the burger with a good friend of mine. Added a little twist in it, and that is the sweet and spicy bacon. You will love it! I hope you all will enjoy this burger! Ingredients: – 2 fresh baked buns…

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Threesome Burger ( Burger, Spam and egg)

What a great way to make a burger! Spams and eggs combined in a single burger. Adding spam, makes the burger really flavorful. You almost don’t need to add salt. And with the egg, it is awesome! I hope you all will like this spam burger. Ingredients: – 2 fresh baked buns out of the oven – 360 gram ground beef – 1…

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A Fresh lunch with Donal Skehan

So there I was, like a fan girl on a Sunday. Waiting for my Idol, hahaha. But this time, waiting for my chef Idol. Cause I was invited for a lunch with Donal Shekan…..wait..who? Yes, Donal Shekan! He is a young talented and motivated chef. I know him from various TV shows. Like the Italian Nonna’s on 24Kitchen or his…

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