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Champagne Infused Burger!

New year is around the corner people! Wouldn’t it be awesome to make a burger that has something to do with NYE?! At NYE we all think of the good food, new years resolutions and champagne. Well, I just combined champagne with good food. Didn’t put too much in it, but just enough that you can taste it.Happy New Year…

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A little food tour in Rotterdam city

A mini food tour in Rotterdam city. It was a blast and very nice to meet other food bloggers! The day started at Flat White Coffee . We all know the normal coffees, cappuccinos and lattes. Recently we also have Flat whites in the Netherlands. Flat White is an espresso based coffee beverage. It all started in Australia and New Zealand. Then…

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A weekend of food in the ‘Gelderse Streken’ Part 1

As a city boy, being often in Haarlem, Amsterdam and The Hague, I’ve never been to the far east of our country. But luckily I’ve been invited for a weekend of food tour in the ‘Gelderse Streken‘. The food tour is divided into two programs, program A and program B which has different spots to visit. As for this blogspot,…

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