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Congrats to BY-Lima!

As a food blogger, you often go to places to eat and enjoy that moment. Yesterday was something different. For me it was kind of special and something to be excited about. My favorite lunchroom in Haarlem (and maybe in the Netherlands),┬áBy-Lima celebrated their 1 year anniversary! Hurraaaay! I woke around 8 am, missed my alarm of 7 am. Don’t…

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A Fresh lunch with Donal Skehan

So there I was, like a fan girl on a Sunday. Waiting for my Idol, hahaha. But this time, waiting for my chef Idol. Cause I was invited for a lunch with Donal Shekan…..wait..who? Yes, Donal Shekan! He is a young talented and motivated chef. I know him from various TV shows. Like the Italian Nonna’s on 24Kitchen or his…

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