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Threesome Burger ( Burger, Spam and egg)

What a great way to make a burger! Spams and eggs combined in a single burger. Adding spam, makes the burger really flavorful. You almost don’t need to add salt. And with the egg, it is awesome! I hope you all will like this spam burger. Ingredients: – 2 fresh baked buns out of the oven – 360 gram ground beef – 1…

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Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, I cook, therefore I am….

It was the beginning of a new week and I am already getting the delicious food in my tummy! This time I was invited to the beautiful Wereldmuseum in Rotterdam. Never been there before. So I am pretty excited! The Wereldmuseum presents the exhibition I cook, therefore I am. A culinary tale by Abdelkader Benali. Writer and historian Abdelkader Benali and art…

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A little food tour in Rotterdam city

A mini food tour in Rotterdam city. It was a blast and very nice to meet other food bloggers! The day started at Flat White Coffee . We all know the normal coffees, cappuccinos and lattes. Recently we also have Flat whites in the Netherlands. Flat White is an espresso based coffee beverage. It all started in Australia and New Zealand. Then…

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