Congrats to BY-Lima!

As a food blogger, you often go to places to eat and enjoy that moment. Yesterday was something different.
For me it was kind of special and something to be excited about. My favorite lunchroom in Haarlem (and maybe in the Netherlands), By-Lima celebrated their 1 year anniversary! Hurraaaay!

I woke around 8 am, missed my alarm of 7 am. Don’t ask me how, but I manage to sleep pass the alarm like a piggie……anyway. It was very early (for me), I didn’t have time to eat. So I went for a quick shower, dressed up, got my bicycle and rushed to the restaurant. My stomach growling like an animal, hahaha. When I arived, there was a beautiful table set up with all kinds of gems. It was full of beautiful food. Something that really can make me happy!

dsc03330kopieThat magical feeling

It was like a fairy tail. So cute! The owner, Dianthe really did it this time! There was all kinds of delicious food on the table. Like Chocolate chip pancakes, Sweet potato brownies with chili, tomato scones with humus and a lot more healthy and yummy food! Everything looked so colorful, you just want to eat it right away!

dsc03334Birthday cake, hurray!

There is no birthday without a cake right? At the middle of the table was a beautiful looking cake. It was in the shape of heart, the colors are popping out. The flavor is even better than how it looks. What I like about cakes is that they are sweet, but not too sweet. This one just hit right spot. Ooooh so good!

dsc03351Lovely table

These kinds of days, will never bore me. With a lovely couple of other bloggers, we enjoyed our breakfasts.
Chatting, eating and smiling. Goodlife it is! After this little birthday party, I was stuffed and went a way with a food coma. I hope some of the items on the table will be on their menu soon. Everything was really on point. Can’t wait to have some more when I’m going back for lunch, yummy!

dsc03348Good looking yoghurts

dsc03339Dont you just want to grab one?

dsc03359Beautiful photo made by Milou, she was testing my camera hahah

Zijlstraat 65
2011 TL Haarlem

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  • Diantha November 3, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    Waauuw, super leuk! En die foto’s ook, wauwie. Jij hebt geen cursus nodig hoor 😉


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